New Horizon Scholars Schools - CBSE School in Airoli

New Horizon Scholars School, an esteemed CBSE-affiliated institution, takes immense pride in its commitment to delivering exceptional educational programs, the unwavering dedication of its faculty, and the dynamic spirit of its student body.

Established on June 21, 2010, New Horizon Scholars School has consistently achieved remarkable progress in both academic and extracurricular realms. Nestled in a picturesque location with a captivating view of the Mulund-Airoli bridge, our school is thoughtfully situated in a serene environment that fosters optimal learning conditions.

Our curriculum, carefully crafted to strike a balance between academic excellence and nurturing each student's unique potential, equips them to confidently navigate an ever-changing world and make meaningful contributions to society. We believe in broadening horizons, and to this end, we offer a wide array of co-curricular activities, including sports, music, drama, arts and crafts, elocution, and language/speech competitions.

In our pursuit of inquiry-based learning facilitated by cutting-edge information and communication technology (ICT), we have equipped our classrooms with multimedia smart boards. Beyond traditional teaching, our state-of-the-art facilities, such as audio-visual rooms, a computer laboratory, a play area, and well-equipped laboratories, enrich the learning experience. We also organize enriching excursions and field trips to provide a holistic education that extends beyond the classroom.

The students of New Horizon Scholars School describe their school life as not just happy but also deeply meaningful, as it is designed to be relevant to everyday life. As one of the best CBSE schools in Airoli, we are committed to nurturing the next generation of individuals who are well-prepared to succeed and make a positive impact on the world.


the link for the admissions for academic year 23-24 has been locked .
please visit the school in person to seek mid year admissions for academic year 23-24

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Best Teacher Award by Vidhyaiva Sarvadhanam 2022

Ms. Pranita Keluskar, Vice Principal of Pramary Section won Best Teacher Award by Vidhyaiva Sarvadhanam 2022


Grade VI-IX : Group Singing Competition (Patriotic Songs)


CBSE story Telling Competition 2022-23

Certificate Of Participation


Grade XI : PA 1 commences


Veergatha 2.0

Mst. Parth Bhatkar has recieved Certificate of Participation for Veergatha 2.0 to commemorate the bravery of Armed Forces Of India.


Grade VI-XII : Sanskrit Diwas (Special Assembly)


State Level Chess Championship

Ms. Namom Padhi got 1st place under 15 girls in Chess Tournament at Amravati.


Grade IV, V : Investiture Ceremony & Independence Day Celebration
Grade VI-XII : Thematic Assembly for Independence Day
Grade XI : PA 1 Ends



Ms. Amrita Kumar has got various medals in State level Swimming competition at Pune.

200 m freestyle Gold
400 m freestyle Gold
100 m freestyle Silver
800 m freestyle


Holiday on Independence Day


State level Karate Competition

Ms. Kanishka Shetty from 8H has got silver medal in State level Karate competition at Baramati.


Holiday on Parsi New Year


Times Education ICONS Award 2020

Heartiest Congratulations to our scholarites and mentors

School Features

  • CBSE Affiliated school up to Senior Secondary.
  • Attractive infrastructure and a welcoming environment.
  • Digital learning through smart boards.
  • Well equipped Science ,Mathematics and Computer laboratories.
  • Indoor Sports Room.
  • Regular morning assemblies to cultivate positive values.
  • House System to enhance Social Skills.
  • Special activities: Chess, Dance, Karate, Skating, etc. ( Grade I onward)
  • Emphasis on music, art, sports & other co-curricular activities.
  • Committed and Talented Teachers.
  • Excellent exposure and avenues in co-curricular activities.
  • Efficient School Transport from convenient routes, etc.

Our Gallery


To be a beacon of educational excellence, where every learner's potential is ignited and nurtured.

Our vision is to create an educational center par excellence imparting learning, and to train students to become autonomous learners. We aspire to become a laudable institution that develops essential life skills, future ready and successful happy citizens grounded in human values.


Our mission is to foster academic excellence and nurture the holistic development of every student.

We are committed to offering a top-tier educational foundation, utilizing contemporary pedagogical methods, fostering creativity, instilling enduring values, and celebrating diversity. Our goal is to empower our students to evolve into forward-thinking individuals, equipped with lifelong skills to thrive in an ever-evolving world.

Core Values

IMPARTING QUALITY EDUCATION: To provide excellent education that allows students to recognize their dreams and skills, to be able to ignite the passion to excel.

STUDENT CENTRIC APPROACH: We believe & take cognizance of the new curriculum model as per the new NCF and pedagogical practices that initiates to equip students with 21st century skills.

EMPATHY, COMPASSION, RESPECT AND UNBIASED APPROACH TO ALL: We strive to create an environment of respect & inclusion irrespective of caste creed, culture and gender. To inculcate students with values of compassion and empathy towards humanity and environment.

INTEGRITY: Promoting honesty, trust, and ethical behavior among students, staff and school community.


TO LAY FOUNDATION FOR PROGRESSIVE & PROSPECTUS FUTURE FOR STUDENTS: To provide safe supportive learning environment, create opportunities for all students to reach optimal level of achievements and not only develop their knowledge, but help them to gain skills and understanding necessary to excel in the 21st century.

HOLISTIC DEVELOPMENT: Cultivate, motivate and encourage students to participate in co-scholastic activities apart from academics.

MAKE LEARNING NEED BASED, SKILL BASED AND VALUE BASED: Providing a holistic education that would enhance learning as per the NEP guidelines by incorporating skill based vocational education in the curriculum.

VALUES: To instill the fundamental values of integrity, discipline, obedience, humility, punctuality and dedication among our students.

PARENT AND COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT: To encourage active participation and involvement of parents and the community to support students learning and overall well-being.

Our Awards

"My son, 12th grade at NHSS, Airoli, loves school! Kudos to teachers, Principal, and school management. Highly recommend NHSSA."

Parent of Anand Ramanan,Grade 12

"Enrolled my daughter at NHSS in April 2023, delighted with her development and growth. NHSS offers excellent exposure and a well-organized academic program, thanks to dedicated teachers and staff."

Parent of Soumya Shilimkar, Grade 5

"Appreciate the school's improvements: bench upgrades, the informative 1NH app with weekly updates, and a strong commitment to hygiene. New Horizon Scholars School is undeniably the best choice."

Parent of Renuka Jadhav, Grade 8

"Heartfelt gratitude to dedicated teachers and enriching extracurricular activities, boosting my child's self-confidence. You're a symbol of educational excellence."

Parent of Trishna Jayshankar, Std 9

"The school classrooms are upgrading which is encouraging children to interact with each other. Children are happier going to school due to the upgradations. We look forward to seeing more improvements in the future."

Father of Mayur Perinenkil, Sr. Kg

"Both my kids attend. Grateful for the school's open culture and qualified, kind staff. Kids interact without fear. Events are educational and fun."

Parent of Ishan Thakur, Grade 5 and Shourya Thakur, Grade 1