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From Principal's Desk


New Horizon Scholars School is like a dynamic palette and the mentors here, are the artisans who with their magical brush, mix and match various shades of learning with different forms of creativity and thereby, disperse the sparks of versatility, with dedication, passion & joy.

Yes, Education is a journey not a destination.

At NHSS, we dedicate ourselves to keep the “Chariot of knowledge” running, inspired by our missionary zeal.


We believe that every child is gifted with-the latent talents, which the mentors-tap, elevate channelize and provide the apt momentum to reverberate.

We focus on multidimensional growth of our pupils by helping them build on necessary personality traits like confidence, knowledge, behavior, intelligence, communication, analytical abilities, decision making, team building, goal setting and above all, great citizens and good human beings.

We have pledge ourselves to create not only academic robots, but multifaceted individuals, who will walk into this world with values grace and elan.

We are confident that the young scholar generation that emerges, will transform the society into a positive whole and their power will flow out into the world and purify life around.

Come! Join us in the enriching of growing our young ones – the future of our great nation, India.

Promising a memorable childhood for your children and hoping for a long association.

Ms. Rachana Kamath


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